Get Unplugged And Get Back To Love

There is nothing more beautiful or sexy then a partner that actually pays full attention to you, they look into your eyes when you speak, smile with a slight nod of the head to acknowledge what you’ve just said and there is a look of anticipation for about what you’re going to say next. The conversations could go on for hours and only feels like minutes that have passed and everyone loves those special moments when you catch your partner just gazing wildly at you while doing even the most mundane of chores like doing dishes or taking out the trash, it makes you feel noticed and loved.

To many this may sound absurd I mean who has time for that RIGHT? With work, TV, game consoles, laptops and tablets, smartphones, facebook, Instagram, twitter etc….. how can we find the time to have these wonderfully invigorating conversations when we have all this other stuff going on?

Unplug and get back to LOVE!

Now more than ever in the history of the planet we have more ways to communicate with each other however we communicate far less than ever before. We have become technology junkies and for many it’s destroying relationships with the people we love most. Let’s face it no one likes to be ignored by anyone none the less from the person who is supposed to love you the most. How many of you are tired of making phone calls to converse and get no answer but get an instant text with the words “whats up?” or when you’re parting from a friend or family member and they say “Just Facebook me.” Take the time to look at your surrounding only to see how many heads are down buried in their virtual life of social media. Don’t get me wrong I believe there’s a time and a place. I know a quick text or post is actually very convenient at times and social media can be great but when is enough enough? Does any of this sound familiar?

Here are 5 tips on how to keep you and your love alive and connected and not feel neglected:

  1. Get out of the house and away from the electronics, go for a walk, a cup of coffee or drink and don’t bring your phone. I know that this will probably give you the feeling of being naked but just give it a try, I promise it will get easier when you do it more often. I know you might be thinking about the pictures you want to take because that’s what we do all of the time. That’s fun and why not, you can use electronics and have fun with it. It’s the ones that over endulge and use it obsessively that kill the moment.

  1. Try scheduling social media surfing; email viewing, video game playing etc… when you are away from your loved ones. I know to some of you it seems like this will take the fun out of it however you need to ask yourself what’s more important your Facebook status or the status of your relationship, “pay attention to your mate not your phone.”

  1. Be creative and do something different! Most people that I know love spontaneity because it’s fun, exciting and NEW. If you are not the type that typically makes plans without first having in your schedule then shake things up a bit and just get off the couch, shut off the TV, put down your tablet, leave your cell phone on the table and turn to your partner and say “let’s get out of here” it doesn’t matter if you’re going for ice cream, a drink, to dinner or just for a stroll through the park, you don’t even need to leave the house just turn on some music and ask your love for a dance, just do these things and try doing it more often. This can reinvigorate any relationship new or old and can bring back that spark that may have been missing. Most importantly whatever you do make sure that your attention is given to your partner wholeheartedly! Getting out and then spending the entire time on your phone defeats the purpose.

  1. Find new hobbies that do not include electronics such as gardening, dance lessons, fishing, biking, bowling etc….. have fun and do them together. We simply make sure that we do the everyday things together such as…When Didi is making breakfast, lunch, or dinner, she will call me over and say “come cook with me” and we have fun even if I just come over and hang with her, put some music on, share some drinks and chat while we make the meal. You don’t have to like cooking, it’s about participating in the things you do everyday and having fun with your other half.

  1. Have date nights, now I know that some people hate the thought of scheduling a night out with their partner however nowadays people are so frantically busy that in many cases even scheduling a date night is more difficult than it seems and that’s why it is so important to do so. Just remember when its date night we put the devices aside and focus all of our attention to our partner, pulling out that cell phone and start texting and updating will surely kill the buzz and ruin the night so make a pact with each other that the phones stay put.


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