Top 5 Ways To Make Her Feel Special




Almost every woman has a deep rooted desire to feel special, appreciated and loved and nothing is more attractive to a woman than a man that can make her feel all of the above. Obviously there may be specifics desires to each individual woman, however I find that these are the top 5 ways to make her feel like a queen.


1. Notice the little things

Take the time to notice little things that let her know that you are paying attention. Tell her how beautiful her new nail color is, tell her how amazing her makeup looks, when she changes her hair style let her know how much you love it, recognize a new outfit or even if its something that’s not new tell her how gorgeous she looks in it and say it with deep sincerity. Trust me your girl will love you for this!


2. Give her unexpected gifts

Unexpected gifts will make her feel appreciated and loved. Bring home a dozen roses and an amazing bottle of champagne or any gift big or small and tell her you just wanted to let her know how much you love and appreciate everything she does for you “make your own holiday” don’t wait around until Valentines or a Birthday when its expected “do the unexpected”!


3. Listen to her

When she wants to talk turn off the game, put down your phone, look her in the eyes and just listen with all of your attention, show her how much you care about what she has to say. Be her best friend and just listen if she asks for advice then give it but for the most part just give her your undivided attention.


4. Take her out on unexpected dates

When you walk in the door from work tell your girl to put on her best dress because you are taking her out on a date. Most woman seem to love spontaneity and excitement so be spontaneous and whimsical, take her out for a light dinner a bottle of wine and maybe a little dancing “just have fun”


5. Always show her affection

I always say its not what you say but how you say it. Saying I love you is not always felt sometimes its just words of habit, so when you tell her you love her wrap your arms around her look into her eyes and say it softly and with meaning “it will be felt”. Hold her hand, hug and hold her and most importantly kiss and do it often even in public, let her know how proud you are to be with her.


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