Who are Rob & Didi


Thank you for visiting our page! It’s been more than 20 years since we first met and it has been such an amazing adventure to say the least. Yes we have had our share of ups and downs however the ups are far more abundant and our love larger than life and forever growing. We can truly say that we have found the other half of our soul, “soul mates” that were brought together for a common purpose and that purpose is simply to love and be grateful to have one another.

We have been asked countless times what our secret is and to be honest we find it difficult to answer because our love and relationship comes very natural to us, “a regular way of being” which seems very unfamiliar to others. Our Mission for this site is to share with the world in a very balanced way how we have found true love and happiness and how anyone can have it too. We will share much more than just advice on relationships, things such as health, wealth, wellness, purpose, passion, inspiration & motivation.  All of these things impact who we are and how great or not so great our relationships will be as we all need balance in our lives.

We would love to hear your thoughts and requests so please be proactive and comment on posts and please share with your friends. We look forward to sharing our lives with yours!

Rob & Didi Alvarez

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